MF Plasma Excitation

MF / Bipolar


MF Plasma Excitation


MF Plasma Excitation from TRUMPF Hüttinger is above all used in dual cathode systems, for example, dual magnetron sputtering. Due to their high output power and process stability, the medium frequency generators are suited to both the coating of large surfaces of architectural glass with high deposition rates as well as for the application of ultra-thin, homogeneous layers on semi-conductors or solar cells. As a result of their excellent precision and productivity, our MF process power supplies are the ideal solution for numerous applications in plasma excitation.


MF Power Supply10KW ~ 200KW

  DetectLine arc management feature enables extremely homogeneous layers and handles critical target materials

Target MarketsLarge Area FPD(LA) web coatingSolar market applications






TruPlasma Bipolar Series 4000 (G2)

Maximum power on a flexible wave


Bipolar technology for the most demanding requirements

The process power supplies from the TruPlasma Bipolar Series 4000 (G2) were specially developed for plasma-based coating by means of physical vapor deposition (PVD), plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), and reactive sputtering processes. As a result of their configurable output signal and sophisticated ARC management, these latest generation, bipolar pulsers are extremely versatile. Regardless of whether the application is semi-conductor and solar cell manufacturing, or coating architectural glazing, you can always expect maximum performance in terms of coating quality and rates.

n   Extremely low ARC energy

n   Configurable wave forms

n   One generator, numerous applications

n   Integrated water cooling



TruPlasma MF Series 7000

The best in its class


Complete control over the process

The TruPlasma Series MF 7000 (G2) puts you in control of your process at all times: With their superior arc management and ignition behavior, the generators are perfect as power supplies for large area coating and demanding reactive processes during dual magnetron sputtering. Featuring peak efficiencies of more than 90%, and particularly efficient cooling water management, the generators are also extremely cost-effective to operate.

n   Highest coating quality and productivity

n   Maximum efficiency

n   Stable power supply in all ambient conditions

n   Can be used worldwide



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